Crazy Love

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PG-13 | Documentary
  • Director: Dan Klores, Fisher Stevens
  • Cast: Themselves: Bob Janoff, Linda Riss Pugach, Burt Pugach, Rusty Goldberg
  • Year: 2007


Editor's Notes: Serial? Making a Murderer? The Jinx? They're all great true-crime stories ... and they're not nearly as strange as Crazy Love, the story of Burt and Linda Pugach as love led to madness led to brutal crime between two sides of a marriage ... that stayed together even after terrible acts of violence. A mixture of true love and true crime, Crazy Love shows the fine line of madness between love and obsession ... and what happens when they blur together.Synopsis:  Filmmaker Dan Klores recounts the true story of one of the most bizarre romances of the 20th century in this documentary.Bonus Features: Deleted InterviewsKeywords: Romance troubled relationships hitman tabloid tale stalker obsessional love crime criminal affair prison 

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