Emmy Nomination: Adopted or Abducted (Update)

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R | Documentary
  • Year: 2016


Editor's Notes:As some State legislatures conspire to make Abortion and contraception less and less accessible, this Emmy-nominated edition of Dan Rather Reports seems less like a look back and more like possible prophecy -- telling a story that's both sad and shocking, chronicling a secret shame in American history. Between the '50s and the '70s, young pregnant women throughout America were forced to give up their babies soon after birth with no say in the matter -- not because of doubts about their fitness to be a mother or for psychiatric concerns, but simply because they were unwed, shredding family connections in the name of social conventions and moral 'propriety.'  Synopsis: Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine. An investigation into claims by women that they were forced to put their babies up for adoption, many with the knowledge and support of Catholic Charities. It has been a little discussed practice for decades but this program removes the veil of secrecy that has led to emotional trauma for unwed mothers around the world.

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