No End In Sight

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NR | Documentary
  • Director: Charles Ferguson
  • Cast: Narrator: Campbell Scott; Themselves: Barbara Bodine, Chris Allbritton, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Colonel Paul Hughes, Walter Slocombe
  • Year: 2007


A comprehensive look at the Bush Administration's conduct of the Iraq war and its occupation of the country.Editor's Notes: As 2016's Presidential Candidates talk about their past votes on war and their future thoughts on America's role in the world, George W. Bush's second Iraq war is, justifiably, a major topic of discussion. Was it a necessary incursion? A regrettable folly? The moment that gave birth to ISIS? From 2007, Charles Ferguson's Oscar-nominated No End in Sight chronicles the Iraq war from the point of view from both the planners who called for battle from the comfort of their Washington D.C. offices to the soldiers on the ground who were told they'd be greeted as liberators but instead faced insurgents, IED's and other dangers. A striking look at one of the new century's greatest historical decisions, No End in Sight may be one of the best documents about the Iraq war and its seemingly never-ending aftermath. Bonus Features: Interview ExtrasKeywords: American forces government leaders military warfare terrorism saddam hussein troops president george w bush

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