Square Grouper: The Godfathers Of Ganja

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R | Documentary
  • Director: Billy Corben
  • Cast: Robert Platshorn
  • Year: 2011


Editor's Notes: Back in the '70s before medical marijuana efforts in many States and flat-out legalization in others, weed smuggling was just as dangerous, deadly and lucrative as moving cocaine or heroin -- even if the players and personalities involved were a little looser and weirder.  Square Grouper tells the stranger-than-fiction stories of the early rogues and revolutionaries who smuggled marijuana into the American mainland via Miami in the '70s and what happened when it all fell apart in what Salon critic Andrew O'Heihr calls "A hilarious, tragic tale of Florida ganja."Synopsis:  In 1979, the U.S. Customs Service reported that 87% of all marijuana seizures in the U.S. were made in the South Florida area. Due to the region's 5,000 miles of coast and coastal waterways and close proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America, South Florida was a pot smuggler's paradise. In sharp contrast to the brazenly violent cocaine cowboys of the 1980s, Miami's marijuana smugglers were cooler, calmer, and typically nonviolent. Square Grouper paints a vivid portrait of Miami's pot smuggling culture in the '70s and '80s and its major players: the smuggling Black Tuna Gang, the pot dealing Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church and the tiny fishing village of Everglades City.Bonus Features: Deleted ScenesKeywords: Drugs seventies eighties drug trade crime criminal Miami drugwar druglord drug trade smuggle pot dealing bales of marijuana    

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