The Forgotten War & A Silent War

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    Editor's Notes:Featuring two National Headliner Award-winning stories from Dan Rather Reports, The Forgotten War and the Silent War tell two separate but chilling stories. In The Forgotten War, we watch American troops and local authorities try and defeat terror groups with links to Al-Qaeda -- not in far-off Iraq or Afghanistan, but on the seemingly safe streets of the Philippines much closer to home. In The SIlent War, the focus is on how rebellion in Uganda led by charismatic brutes has led to two decades of fighting -- a rebellion that uses child soldiers as it's warriors, killing those who don't comply with the order to kill. Looking at the roots of the issue and interviewing ex-child soldiers who only want to live in peace despite horrifying experiences, it's a wrenching story of both horror and hope.    Synopsis: An encore presentation of two National Headliner Award winners. "The Forgotten War: Fighting Terror in the Philippines," A look back to the remote jungles of the southern Philippines and the Philippine military's war against Abu Sayyaf guerrillas. American Special Forces are there, quietly but effectively supporting their mission, against a reputed Al-Qaeda affiliate.

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