The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu

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    Editor's Notes:Martin Shkrelli may have made the news recently as the face of the pharmaceutical industry's desire for money, but he's hardly the only 'entrepreneur' to take advantage of people's need for health and well-being -- or the worst. This Emmy-winning edition of Dan Rather Reports tells the story of Kevin Xu, a 'businessman' who made a fortune importing counterfeit medicines from China -- and sold cheap pills that not only didn't work but also used poisonous and dangerous chemicals to make the phony meds look, feel and seem like the real thing. Combining analysis and interviews with never-before-seen surveillance footage, The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu is a gripping and fascinating look at what people are asked to swallow -- literally -- in the name of profit.  Synopsis: Emmy Win for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting in a News Magazine. A Chinese businessman tries to penetrate the U.S. drug supply chain with enormous quantities of counterfeit prescription medication.

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